Study reveals practices that reduce contagion to almost 100%


Over recent times, several preventive alerts have been issued regarding the coronavirus outbreak. One of the main ones is the frequent cleaning of the hands, a task that should take at least 20 seconds. But it is also necessary to take other precautions, either with the objects we pick up frequently, as is the case with the smartphone, or in the way we greet other people.

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Now, new research, published in the scientific journal The Lancet, and released by the magazine Galileu, reveals that social detachment is in fact an effective method in combating the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, the study further advances that quarantine measures, such as the closure of schools and commercial establishments and the incentive to work from home, proved to be quite effective in reducing Covid-19 cases.

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“The results of this study will provide public health policy makers in Singapore and other countries with evidence to start implementing improved outbreak control measures that could mitigate or reduce local transmission rates, if implemented effectively and in a timely manner. ”Said Alex Cook, a researcher at the National University of Singapore, in a statement to the press. Those responsible say that if all this is done, the risk of catching the virus is reduced to 99.3%.

Tips for running safely outdoors during the coronavirus pandemic

In conversation with Men’s Health, physician David Nieman, an assistant professor at the University of Nevada School of Public Health in Las Vegas, United States of America, dispelled some of the doubts that are on the minds of those who continue to practice sport abroad. David Nieman starts by considering it safer to be outside than inside. This concerns disease transmission. So it is safe to run outdoors. read more on here.

Coronavirus: Care to go to the supermarket

First of all, it is important to realize that we are required to work as a team to stop the coronavirus at once. This teamwork also begins at the supermarket. Where we must take into account that other people need to buy essential goods. So we should only bring those that are really needed (and not empty the shelves). With regard to this teamwork, it is also important that younger people volunteer to go to the supermarket for older people, who are more vulnerable to the virus. This applies to family members as well as older neighbors. Read more here.

Tips for cleaning your smartphone and staying protected from coronavirus

There are studies that show that 50% of people take their cell phone to the toilet. In addition, the coronavirus can last more than nine hours on a smartphone. Therefore, it is equally important to keep this object clean. And you have several ways to do this. One option is the ultraviolet light disinfectant. This device uses a rechargeable battery to feed the disinfectant and ends up, according to the shared data, 99.9% of germs. Read more here.

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