Suspected coronavirus, fencing selection technician dies


The Russian Gennady Miakotnykh, coach of the Brazilian fencing team, died this Wednesday (03/25), in São Paulo, at the age of 79. Suspected of the coronavirus, he became ill at home. Gennady was considered one of the foremost in his profession.

The coach had passed through Italy, France and the United States in recent weeks. He returned to Brazil about 10 days ago, after the fencing World Cup, which would be in London, was canceled because of the pandemic.

This Tuesday (24/03), he felt the symptoms and spoke to his health plan, who advised him to quarantine instead of going to the hospital. However, according to UOL, one of the Russian athletes reported that the coach was sick and had to call the ambulance. Miakotnykh was taken to Hospital São Luiz, but he did not resist on the way and died.

The São Paulo Legal Medical Institute (IML) informed the two-day deadline to determine the cause of death. But, according to UOL sources, the coach must have been a victim of Covid-19.

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