Terminal da Fonte will be a vaccination point for the elderly against the flu this Friday and Saturday in Blumenau


The Fonte Bus Terminal was pest-treated and prepared to be a flu vaccination station. This Friday (27) and Saturday (28), elderly people who did not schedule the application of doses in health units will be able to attend the place between 7 am and 7 pm.

The system will be Drive-Thru, where the elderly pass and get vaccinated without having to get out of the car, thus avoiding the circulation and transmission of diseases. The continuation of immunization at the terminal next week will depend on the delivery of doses of the vaccine by the Ministry of Health and the State Government.

The service will be carried out by the order of arrival of the cars and the Seterb Transit team will be on site to provide guidance and traffic organization. A screening team will check the document of the elderly person to be vaccinated and he will be assisted in sequence, without getting out of the car, by one of the three teams that will be vaccinating on the spot. It is important to bring your vaccination card.

About 4,000 elderly people in nursing homes and health workers have already received the vaccine in Blumenau. The General Ambulatory and the Family Health Strategy units with vaccination room are immunizing, until May 22, elderly people who make an appointment through the city hall website or through the Pronto Mobile application.

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