Tesla path caught after tests in Alaska


Announced in 2017, the vehicle was to have its production started in 2019, but suffered delays

Two prototypes on the Tesla path, the Tesla Semi, were seen being transported on the roads of the state of Oregon, in the United States. They are believed to be returning to the company’s California headquarters after tests in Alaska. Announced in 2017, the path was to have its production started in 2019, but suffered delays.

In the image, published in a Facebook group, it is possible to see the dirty vehicle of what appears to be ice or snow. In January, Tesla said it would test it in low draft and cold conditions.

If the specifications of the original advertisement are maintained, the Tesla Semi should have a range of 804 kilometers, with a load capacity of up to 36,287 kilograms. Despite this, Elon Musk, CEO of the automaker, said that the vehicle will be able to run up to 965 kilometers on a single load.

Via: Uol

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