THE BALL – Kalaica with double concern (Benfica)


«The situation in Croatia has worsened because of the earthquake that happened in my city, it destroyed many houses, but thank God my family is doing well and I hope that I will be able to overcome these difficult moments. I usually talk to my family members via video call. The fact that we are very far away is not easy, but talking has been a great support at this time », says Kalaica, Croatian central of Benfica B, who spoke on the television of the 5.3 earthquake club on the Richter scale that was felt very close to Zagreb last Sunday.

While dealing with the pandemic in Portugal – he guarantees to have everything he needs from Benfica – he thinks of his homeland, to which he sends a message in his mother tongue: «Dear inhabitants of Zagreb, have strength in this moment of enormous difficulty . We all pray that these times of adversity will be overcome as quickly as possible. A hug.”


The particular moment we live in determines the permanence of people at home, in addition to the closing of all commercial stores, dramatically altering people’s habits when it comes to reading and accessing information.

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