THE BALL – Portuguese women stranded in Spain did not face the fight (Volleyball)


Portuguese volleyball players playing in Spain, Marta Hurst, who led the ‘ranking’ of the best zones 4 in the neighboring country, and Neusa Neto, who returned to the pavilions after an injury, sees with apprehension the events in the country that hosted them, reason why they call for the solidarity and understanding of all peoples to comply with the guidelines of the authorities, so that it is possible to face and overcome a common adversary. With 2,696 deaths registered, 514 only in the last 24 hours, a number only surpassed by Italy and China, Spain is practically stopped due to Covid-19.

«I decided to stay in Spain because the area where I live [em Haro, La Rioja] was one of the first in the country to have an outbreak of cases. Before Madrid, it was the area of ​​the country with the most cases per inhabitant. It didn’t make sense then to go back to Portugal, not only because I had to make the trip itself, but also for the simple reason that I could have the virus and not have any symptoms. I did not think it was responsible for me to return home, no matter how much I would like to be able to be with my family », justified Marta Hurst to the communication from the Portuguese Volleyball Federation, assuming difficulties regarding training:

«As a professional athlete I try to maintain my fitness for the following season. Maintenance is more difficult to obtain, since quarantine requires that you are always at home. The only option is circuits with exercises that can be done at home, which despite being without the addition of a high external load, help the body to stay active. »

Neusa Neto, on the other hand, does not hide the enormous desire to return to Portugal, which for the time being was impossible: «Our championship ended abruptly and so far, what I have done, has been looking for solutions to be able to return home safely as soon as possible. For now I have no big options except to stay where I am at the moment, in Menorca [ilha das Baleares]. Since the state of alert was imposed here, I just left the house to go shopping. My days have been reduced to being at home, keeping up to date with the latest news, family, friends and organizing myself to get out of here », reports the central, who faces the same difficulties as his compatriot to keep up active:

«Physical exercise at home has been a challenge, mainly because I spent the last week preparing to travel, which should have happened on the 20th but I was not allowed. In the coming days I will have a more organized individual training plan, now that I know that I will not be able to travel at least until the end of the month. The most striking was the speed with which everything has developed in recent weeks. I have been attentive and adapting, but so much change is difficult … »

A dizzying speed that Marta Hurst also did not escape: «The speed with which Europe was affected by the virus was what had the most impact for me. In less than 30 hours, here in Spain, we started playing behind closed doors, so that there is no more competition. It was all very fast, which also required a quick adaptation. I feel very lucky to be an athlete in this situation. A good ability to adapt to the opponent is very important in sport, but also in life. And right now the opponent for all of us is COVID-19. »

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