The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Minas rises to 133; see the list of municipalities – General


(photo: Fabio Rodriguez Pozzebom / Agência Brasil)
(photo: Fabio Rodriguez Pozzebom / Agência Brasil)

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in MGeneral. The epidemiological report was released this Wednesday morning by the Minas Gerais State Department of Health (SES-MG). To date, there are no records of deaths caused by Covid-19 in the state.

The number of cases under investigation rose to 14,227. In two cases it is not yet known in which municipality it occurred. There is community transmission, when it is no longer possible to identify the path of the infection, according to the secretariat.

Belo Horizonte has the largest number of confirmed cases: 90, followed by Juiz de Fora (8) and New lime (7) and Uberlandia (7).

According to the bulletin released on Tuesday, Belo Horizonte had 87 cases under investigation for the disease.

Number of confirmed cases per municipality

Belo Horizonte 90

Betim 1

Good Dispatch 1

High Fields 1

Count 2

Colonel Fabriciano 1

Divinópolis 1

Ipatinga 1

Juiz de Fora 8

Lagoa da Prata 1

Mariana 2

Nova Lima 7

Sponsorship 1

Poços de Caldas 1

Sete Lagoas 2

Timothy 1

Uberaba 3

Uberlândia 7

Under investigation 2

46 deaths in the country

The number of deaths from the new coronavirus reached 46, as updated by the Ministry of Health published on Tuesday (23). Until Monday (22), the number of people who died was 34. The total number of confirmed cases went from 1,891 to 2,201.

Deaths remain restricted to São Paulo, with 40 deaths, and Rio de Janeiro, with 6 deaths.

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