There is no risk of covid-19 in lotteries because glass is armored, says Bolsonaro


In a live on Facebook, President Jair Bolsonaro criticized on Thursday (26.20.2020) decrees of governors that determined the closing of lottery houses in his states as a way of preventing the covid-19 pandemic. According to him, there is no risk of transmission of the new coronavirus inside lottery shops because the glass that separates employees from the public is “Armored”.

That Wednesday (25.mar.2020), the president signed decree to allow the reopening of lottery houses in the country. Here is the full text of Decree 10,282 (542 KB), which lists essential services for the population.

According to Bolsonaro, Brazil has 12,956 lottery houses and, with the determination of state and municipal governments, 2,500 units were closed.

“Believe me, 2,463 lottery houses, 2,500 lottery houses, were closed. By decrees of some governors or mayors. I am not criticizing governor or mayor. Now, for God’s sake, close the lottery house? For the love of God, closing the lottery … For the love of God. In fact, the guy who works in the lottery has 1 armored glass. That is, the virus will not pass there. The glass is armored, it will not pass, it works on this side ”, said.

Without a protective mask, Bolsonaro was beside the president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, and the pound interpreter Elisângela Castelo Branco.

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The president also affirmed that the opening of the houses is necessary to avoid agglomerations in banks.

“Imagine if everyone went to Caixa’s agency, there would be a huge gathering of people, exactly against what we preach, to avoid the gathering.”

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Bolsonaro again criticized “A few governors and mayors” that adopted restrictive circulation measures in their States. For him, the government “Missed the dose”.

“They put in instead of 1 pill, they put in 3. And a wrong dose turns into poison. The people are getting desperate, they want to work ”, said. “This virus is like rain, it closed the weather and thunderstorm, you will get wet. And let’s play the boat. ”

For the president, regions where the population is small should not be quarantined. “There is a city hall with very few inhabitants that the government is doing barbaric, it seems that it wants to show service, and the chance of contamination is almost zero”, said.


The president defended the “vertical insulation”(Of the elderly and people with diseases) as a strategy to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

“What is vertical insulation? You take the elderly person and isolate them. Place in 1 hotel. Rent 1 hotel, put it in there. [A conversa] It is being that way because this story of no one is worth or is worth to everyone, unemployment is coming. There is a knock on the door. It has already started in Brazil ”, said.

Bolsonaro also countered criticism of his defense of jobs in Brazil in the face of the coronavirus crisis. “People say: ‘Ah the guy is more concerned with economics than with life’. My friend, without money you die of hunger, you die of depression, suicide. Violence comes after that. There is a direct relationship between the percentage of unemployed people and violence ”, said.

According to Bolsonaro, Minister Damares Alves (Woman, Family and Human Rights) informed him that in the period of the coronavirus crisis in Brazil, violence against women increased by 50%.

“What is the origin of this? We already know what it is. It’s this isolation. Everyone is confined at home, it’s a problem is money. At home where bread is lacking, everyone fights. That is what unfortunately happens. We have to worry about life, but the virus comes and goes ”, stated.


The president criticized the population’s dependence on the state. According to him, it is the responsibility of people to contain the spread of covid-19 in Brazil and protect the group at risk of the disease.

“The first person who has to worry about the risk group is you, who has your father, grandfather or great-grandfather inside the house. It is not waiting for the government to do anything. The government is doing a lot, but it cannot do everything that some think the state has to do ”, said.


The president said he defended hydroxychloroquine as a medication for the treatment of covid-19 at a G20 meeting. The remedy has not yet been proven effective. At the end of the live, he said: “God willing, this will be confirmed as a remedy to cure all those with covid-19”.

In an interview with Power360, Dr. Heloísa Ravagnani, an infectologist and president of the SIDF (Society of Infectious Diseases of the Federal District) stated that, because they are still in the testing phase, the use of hydroxychloroquine is not recommended for cases of mild covid-19 or as a preventive. According to her, ingestion can cause serious side effects. Find out what is recommended and what is contraindicated to those who contract covid-19.


Bolsonaro also stated that he is studying editing a provisional measure to grant an extra R $ 100 allowance to beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família program during the covid-19 pandemic.

The government is there doing what it can. We are only able to do this because the Chamber approved the state of disaster. Congratulations to the Chamber and the Senate for having approved, because now we can spend above the ceiling ”, said on live on Facebook.

He also stated that he will present to the National Congress 1 bill to make the 13th of the program permanent, to supply MP that lost its validity last Wednesday (25.mar.2020). Expected to be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies last week, the proposal was not voted due to discussions about the new coronavirus pandemic.

“I don’t think we can enter a new provisional measure at the end of the year, but we are going to enter a bill, asking the parliament for urgency, so that the 13th of Bolsa Família can be definitively guaranteed”, he stated.


The president stated on live that the “Brazilian has to be studied” because, according to him, he often lives in regions without basic sanitation and, even so, does not get sick.

“We sometimes see, in certain communities, the guy jumping in the river over there with sewage and the guy doesn’t get anything. Not even leptospirosis ”, said. “It seems that the Brazilian has an armored body in this matter.”


Bolsonaro also confirmed that the value of “coronavoucher“- voucher (coupon) for informal workers affected by the coronavirus crisis – will go from R $ 200, initially announced, to R $ 600. If approved by Congress, payment will be made for 3 months. Most of the payment will be made by Caixa Econômica Federal.

“That initial help for the informal ones, of R $ 200, which was very little, I talked to Paulo Guedes and he decided to triple that amount. He knows that R $ 200 is little and R $ 600 helps those who lost their jobs ”, said.

The government announced that the new value was decided after agreement with Congress. The payment is expected to benefit 24 million workers, according to Secom. Here is the full text.

The preliminary estimate of the executive director of the IFI (Research Results from the Web Results of the Independent Tax Institution) of the Senate, Felipe Salto, is that the impact of the measure will be R $ 43 billion. He points out that he still checks the total number of beneficiaries.

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