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This Friday (27), the elderly aged 60 or over will have the Comendador Antonio Carbonari Park (Parque da Uva) as a vaccination point for the National Influenza Campaign (flu), from 5 pm to 7 pm. The traveling stations will return next week, at new addresses, as published below. With the balance of vaccination in the first four days of operation, the city immunized, until the morning of Thursday (26), 47.7% of the estimated 60 thousand elderly people in Jundiaí.

The operationalization of vaccination posts is related to the dispensing of doses by the Ministry of Health and the State Secretariat of Health. The Jundiaí City Hall organizes the doses to serve the entire elderly population, closest to the residence, in spacious, ventilated and easy to access. “The exclusive operation of the drive thru system in Parque da Uva aims to serve that population that depends on the transport of their children or relatives to take them for immunization, or even that they have the vehicle and opt for this alternative for speed. The intention is to make the elderly stay away from home for the shortest possible time ”, explains the manager of the Health Promotion Management Unit (UGPS), Tiago Texera.

The couple Adelino Raimundo, 72, and Maria Niete Raimundo, 71, praised the City Hall’s initiative to set up a ‘drive thru’ system to vaccinate the elderly against the flu. “Those who cannot be immunized at the 10 fixed points in the morning have the chance to get the vaccine quickly in Parque da Uva. We need this protection, especially in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic ”, said Adelino. “This service provided at the park was very good for us”, amended Maria Niete.

Maria Aparecida Gussoe, 64, was also accompanied by her husband, Gerson, to Parque da Uva. “I liked the initiative. The line of cars is moving fast ”, he added.

Check out the Vaccination Stations for March 30 to April 3, from 8 am to 11 am:

EMEB Luiz de Carvalho – Rua Dr José Napoleão Mazzali, 57, Jardim Esplanada
EMEB Ramiro de Araújo Filho – Rua João Scabin, 160, Vila Vianelo
EMEB Prof. Geralda Berthola Facca – Rua Eduardo Carlos Pereira, 50, Jardim do Lago
EMEB José Pedro Raymundo – Rua Turadentes, 50, Vila Rio Branco
Santo Antônio Parish – Avenida Dr Pedro Soares de Camargo, 724, Anhangabaú
EMEB Prof Antônio Adelino Marques da Silva Brandão – Rua Uva Isabel, 50, Morada das Vinhas
EMEB Antônio Brunholi Netto – Rua Ari Barroso, 25, Jardim Santa Rita de Cassia
EMEB Prof. Marina de Almeida Rinaldi Carvalho – Rua Adelino Martins, 913, Jardim das Tulipas
EMEB Aparecida Merino Elias – Avenida José Gothard, 531, Medeiros
EMEB Prof Pedro Clarismundo Fornari – Avenida Geraldo Azzoni, 2051, Rio Acima
EMEB Pedro de Oliveira – Rua Dino, 151, Vila Joana
Friends of Parque Eloy Chaves Society (SAPEC) – Avenida Carlos Veiga, 450, Eloy Chaves
Health professionals
The category that is also part of the first publics to be immunized by the National Flu Vaccination Campaign is formed by health professionals. Public service technicians will be immunized in the workplace. The others, specifically physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, technicians and nursing assistants, may be immunized at the Ambulatory Medical Specialties (AME), from Monday to Friday (March 30 to April 3). In order to receive the dose, it is necessary to present the class registration card.

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