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TIM Brasil and C6 Bank concluded negotiations to make combined offers of digital banking and telecommunications services to customers. In a statement to the market, the operator informed that, depending on the evolution of the results, it may become a minority shareholder of C6 in a compensation mechanism based on objectives.

The agreement provides for the possibility of exploiting synergies in sales and payment channels to distribute offers and reduce costs. Companies intend to increase their user bases and their loyalty.

“TIM wants to position itself ahead of the market, creating a competitive differentiation factor based on innovation and service offerings.” In the document, the operator states that, for the first time, digital banking and telecommunications services are united in a single proposition. The agreement does not create a joint venture, so tele maintains the independence of its operations.

Since last year, Pietro Labriola, president of TIM Brasil, has said that financial services are among the priorities for increasing the operator’s revenue.

The intention is to transform the prepaid card into a debit card, taking advantage of the 400 million recharges made monthly by customers of the operator, which is negotiating in partnership with TelefĂ´nica Brasil, owner of Vivo, to buy the mobile division of competitor Oi.

In this segment, TIM already makes R $ 5 and R $ 10 prepaid credit loans to customers whose credits for using voice and data services have run out. When making a new top-up, the operator charges the amount in advance plus a fee.

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