“Tudo O Que Eu Te Te”: at the window, hundreds of people sing Portuguese themes. It’s like that every night – Showbiz


Every day, at 10 pm sharp, the windows of the buildings located at Largo Curso Silva Monteiro, in Porto, open for a musical moment. For about five minutes, practically all the residents sing a Portuguese song with one voice.

The Dez Dez Largo account started on March 19 with “Porto Sentido”, by Rui Veloso. It was followed by “Come with Me See The Planes” (The Olives). On the third day, in addition to a song, a special message was recorded by Pedro Abrunhosa.

“At these times, nothing more important than maintaining the spirit, the courage and raising our voices, made one, to show that we are close to each other”, stressed the singer. “Music is a way to get out of the place,” he added, presenting the theme “Everything I Give You”.

“The song ends with this phrase of hope, always: everything I give you, you give me,” recalled Pedro Abrunhosa.

The video was shared on social networks and has thousands of views.

See the video:

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