Vanessa Mesquita, from ‘BBB14’, remembers romance with Clara: ‘We tried to keep it’


One of the couples that most mobilized fans in the “Big Brother Brazil” it was “Clanessa”, formed by Vanessa Mesquita and Clara Aguilar, at “BBB14”. The first, even, became the great champion of the edition. When recalling, with affection of the relationship, Vanessa says just being upset with those who thought that everything was just marketing to win the reality award.

“We tried to keep the relationship out of the house, but we were very tomboy. I am very hurt when they think we use some strategy (to win the reality), ”said Vanessa to Daniela Albuquerque.

Vanessa and her current boyfriend
Vanessa and her current boyfriend

Currently, Vanessa is dating the gaucho Martin Scholl. Clara remains “very married and very happy”, as she told EXTRA, with her husband Fabian. And he said keeping in touch with the old affair, although nowadays it’s just friendship. He has two children and it was in the maternity hospital that he found his best version:

“Being a mother is my best version, it brought a lot of maturity and made me discover a love that I never imagined would exist”.

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