Video shows lung damage in a patient infected with coronavirus


Doctors at George Washington University Hospital in the United States released a video showing the damage to the new coronavirus (covid-19) in a patient’s lungs.

The 3D images are of the lungs of a 59-year-old man who was asymptomatic a few days ago and currently breathes with the help of devices. The patient is also connected to a machine that helps oxygenate his blood.

According to the team, the purpose of disseminating the video is to alert the population to the risks of covid-19 and help other health professionals to understand the disease.

“This is not a diabetic, immunosuppressed patient, 70, 80 years old,” said Keith Mortman, head of thoracic surgery at the hospital, in an interview with CNN. “In addition to high blood pressure, he has no other significant medical problems. This is a guy who takes care of his own life. ”

According to doctors, the greenish areas represent the affected parts of the lungs. In the images it is possible to see that the coronavirus covers a considerable part of both lungs and proving how aggressive the disease can be, even in younger patients.

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