White handkerchiefs flood social networks and balconies in Argentina to remember victims of the dictatorship


Human rights organizations went to social media on Tuesday to hold a protest with white scarves, a symbol of the struggle of the mothers and grandmothers of Praça de Maio, marking the anniversary of the coup in the country, after the suspension of the traditional march on account of the quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

White handkerchiefs are seen in a memory demonstration against the 1976 coup in Buenos Aires
REUTERS / Martin Acosta

White handkerchiefs are seen in a memory demonstration against the 1976 coup in Buenos Aires 24/03/2018 REUTERS / Martin Acosta

Photo: Reuters

Many windows, balconies and social network accounts of people and various official organizations displayed white handkerchiefs to remember the 30,000 people who disappeared during the country’s military dictatorship (1976-1983) and to claim “memory, truth and justice”.

“Preventive and mandatory isolation prevents us from marching today to take care of ourselves. But that does not prevent us from remembering,” said President Alberto Fernández in his Twitter account, where he published a video with testimonials from members of human rights organizations, personalities cultural and political.

Fernández decreed a quarantine from last Friday until May 31 to stop the number of infections by coronavirus, which in Argentina infected 301 people, leaving six dead so far.

“On March 24th, share photos on your social networks with white handkerchiefs. Place them on your balcony, door or window. Without a march, but with a memory,” said the call from the organizations that organized the event.

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