With coronavirus, Dinho Ouro Preto says he feels like ‘if the body were at war’ | Pop & Art


In a report published on Instagram, the singer said he felt tired, fever, weakness, pain and difficulty in eating. “There must be an internal battle going on, me against Covid-19.”

“For now, I think I’m winning, because I’m not getting worse,” said the singer.

“Friends, thank you for the kind words you sent me. Here, everything is fine. The situation is this: I feel weak and my body hurts. Today is the fifth day of my organism’s fight against viruses. The battle it really starts in the late afternoon. Around 6pm, my temperature starts to rise. And from there, I can’t concentrate anymore. I can’t really do anything. ”

“I get prostrate, I feel sick and nauseous. I have difficulty eating. I feel like my body is at war. A struggle that leaves me exhausted. I go to sleep exhausted. I sleep a lot and wake up tired. As if, even at rest, my body was busy. There must be an internal battle going on: me against Covid-19. For now I think I’m winning, because I’m not getting worse.

After the testimony, Dinho received the support of his followers, including some famous people.

“Keep taking care of yourself. In a short time, you’ll be back,” commented Marco TĂșlio, guitarist for Jota Quest. “Everything will be fine! You will recover soon! And soon we will all be singing together on stage,” wrote Tico Santa Cruz.

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