With low stock of vaccines, the city reorganizes vaccination points


The doses of the influenza vaccine, expected to end in 15 days, were consumed in just three, so the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) will implement new immunization strategies in the capital of Bahia. According to the Secretariat of Communication (Secom), the change is valid, in principle, only for this Friday, 27, since the agency awaits the arrival of vaccines from the Ministry of Health.

Vaccination will take place only at two reference points per Health District (24), in addition to two units with the drive-thru system: at the Clementino Fraga Health Center (5th center) and at the Convention Center, from 8 am to 1 pm.

The implementation of the drive-thru system, with vaccination of the elderly in the car itself, was important for the success of the campaign and to ensure good adhesion to the mobilization, avoiding crowds of people. According to the holder of the portfolio, Leo Prates, in just three days, more than 114,000 elderly people and health workers were immunized against influenza in the capital of Bahia.

“We vaccinated in three days, which was scheduled for at least 15 days of the campaign. We managed to reach a record number of protected individuals at the very beginning of the campaign ”, celebrated the secretary.

The municipality has already requested the replacement of vaccines from the federal government to guarantee the protection of the population of Salvador. With this, approximately 80 thousand new doses should arrive as early as Monday, 30, allowing the resumption of the normal vaccination routine.


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