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The governor of RJ, Wilson Witzel, said on Thursday (26) that he will have to reassess the protective measures against the coronavirus if the federal government does not help what he called “financial chaos” of the state. The deadline, says Witzel, is Monday (30). He gave the statements at Bom Dia Rio.

“If the federal government, until Monday, does not present something that gives hope so that people can know that they will not starve and they will not have a cataclysm in their lives, it will be very difficult to continue with these protective measures, because we can’t fight and ask people to stay at home, “said Witzel.

“We cannot speak for companies to remain closed if those who are able to help, which is the federal government, and have the money to do so, do not take action. The responsibility becomes theirs,” he amended.

“We cannot ask freelancers and small businessmen to be paralyzed if there is no immediate signal from the minister [da Economia] Paulo Guedes that he is going to put at least R $ 500 billion in the economy – which is the figure that we more or less imagine should be placed in the economy “, he detailed.

Witzel participates in forum of governors on coronavirus - Photo: Reproduction / Twitter Witzel participates in forum of governors on coronavirus - Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Witzel participates in forum of governors on coronavirus – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Since the 16th, state and municipal decrees determined the closure of commerce across RJ, except for “essential services”, such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Public transport to the capital is restricted to professionals in these categories.

Witzel also prohibited agglomerations, as at parties and marches, and even bathing in the sea – the PM is authorized to photograph and register whoever goes to the beaches. Schools, kindergartens and universities are closed.

On Wednesday (25), the governor talked by video conference with President Jair Bolsonaro, with whom he disagreed about the proposal to loosen the isolation, and made a warning about disobedience.

“If each of the entrepreneurs makes a decision for themselves to comply with the [de Bolsonaro], you can answer for your actions and omissions “, he said.

Governor of Rio meets President Bolsonaro

Governor of Rio meets President Bolsonaro

According to Witzel, the state has done its best to face the coronavirus pandemic. “We did our homework in the fiscal adjustment.”

The governor stressed that “the Union must do its part”. “We are doing ours. I am helping the most needy. We are going to distribute a million basic food baskets. Now the Union can help the rest of the country,” he said.

“If it doesn’t, we are going to get into financial chaos,” he said.

“The situation in RJ is as delicate as the situation of all businessmen who are experiencing this difficulty at the moment. So, talking about giving up revenue is very difficult. The federal government has to put money in the economy. And it needs to do it fast, “he asked.

According to Witzel, the state today has a deficit of R $ 10 billion that arose as a result not only of the drop in revenue to preserve lives in the fight against the coronavirus, but also of the fall of the oil barrel.

“We left the meeting with two commitments. For RJ, one of the ways to be immediately compensated for these losses is to advance the Cedae auction, which will be granted around R $ 11 billion. Minister Paulo Guedes signaled to put this in the Mansueto Law, and thus we have this anticipation of R $ 7 billion ”.

Governor says coronavirus can double deficit in the state

Governor says coronavirus can double deficit in the state

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