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Pernambuco lawyer Renata Berenguer, 30, warned that people of all ages can have the disease. “What needs to be done is isolation. It is this gesture of love,” he says.

Renata said that her case is proof that the disease exists and can affect people of all ages. She recalled that the recommendation of social isolation needs to be followed to the letter.

“People will experience headaches and other symptoms thinking that it is nothing. The only thing to do is stay at home. We only have that. It is an opportunity to reflect on how to be different, how to be a better person,” he defended.


Accustomed to a travel routine, the lawyer woke up with pain in her head and in the rest of her body in early March, when there was still no confirmation in Pernambuco of the disease. He thought it was a virus, common after the carnival. He had enjoyed the party in Rio de Janeiro and Recife.

He traveled to a congress in Fortaleza and then to Fernando de Noronha, with a group of 18 people. That was when he started coughing and having a slight runny nose. As soon as they appeared, the symptoms disappeared throughout the day. He returned from the island to Recife and has already left for Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, on a business trip. All of this in an interval of eight days.

The plug only started to fall when, on the way back to the capital of Pernambuco, he noticed that everyone only talked about the new coronavirus in São Paulo, where the plane made a stopover. A lot of people were wearing masks at the time.

“When I take the São Paulo / Recife plane, I try to sleep and feel a strange sensation. It pulled the air and didn’t come. I already had some people in masks, but I didn’t imagine it. I didn’t even dream about coronavirus, but I felt something strange ”, he recalled.

Even with mild symptoms, as soon as she heard that she had contacted a person who was in Europe, she decided to go to the hospital on March 13. From this consultation, he left for home isolation and waited for the exam result.

“I came directly to my home and here I am today, following a protocol of absolute isolation that I never hesitated to comply with,” he said.

Positive result

The wait for the Health Department’s call ended three days after the exams, when it received the answer that the result for the new coronavirus had been positive and the government wanted the names of all the people with whom it had contact, as well as the locations that had passed.

“The first few days were one of the worst parts. That anxiety of knowing whether or not you have to live with the possibility of passing it on to the people you love. My father is 70 years old and has serious lung problems. My nephew has months [de idade], my co-workers and everyone I came into contact with. It was terrifying, ”he said.

The phone did not stop ringing for the next few days. The news spread among relatives, friends and strangers, which made her publish a note on a social network. “My life was transformed. Many people understood it as an act of courage, but there were also bad things. Saying that I trained at a gym knowing that I was with the corona (sic), hate messages and several other fake news “, he recalled.

The lawyer was always in social isolation, without needing to be hospitalized. Still, he said the situation is worse than a common flu. “I started to feel the strongest symptoms and the respiratory limitations, [estando] away from my parents and the one I love. At that time, I asked myself, ‘God why with me? What did I do to deserve this? ‘”, He said.

The company where she works has provided an infectious disease doctor 24 hours to accompany her. Renata, who has been playing sports since she was a child and trained every day, felt the shock of having to stay at home. Fear was a constant feeling: fear of an unknown disease, of showing fragility to parents, of the reaction of friends, that health would deteriorate.

Thus, alternating good and bad days, permeated with news of deaths in other countries. All of this was mixed up in the lawyer’s head, like a bomb about to explode. There was no remedy to relieve tension.

On Saturday (21), the State Department of Health announced two clinical cures: hers and that of a 16-year-old teenager, diagnosed with the disease after returning from a trip to the United States. In addition to Renata and the teenager, three other women are among those cured.

“I am very happy to have recovered. Today, I look back and say: I’m glad it was me, that I am aware that I had to do my part. I had the opportunity to improve as a person and professional and to understand how faith and love can reach a person’s life ”, he commented.

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