World has 19,000 deaths from coronavirus, says WHO. Spain passes China


São Paulo – Spain has overtaken China in number of deaths due to the covid-19. According to data released on Wednesday (25) by the Ministry of Health, the European country now has 3,434 deaths, 738 in the last 24 hours and more than half in the Madrid region. The total number of registered cases increased by 20%, to 39,673.

In this sad “ranking”, the Spaniards are second only to Italy, which has 7,503 deaths so far, although the daily number has been decreasing – 74,386 confirmed cases. China, where some pandemic control is believed to have been achieved, the official death toll is 3,287.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the total number of cases totals 416,686 – the number is lagging, because the data goes until Tuesday (24). So far, there are at least 18,589 deaths. The information considers 196 countries, territories or areas. Today (25), the Brazilian Ministry of Health updated the number of confirmed cases to 2,433, with 57 deaths.


Among the confirmed cases, China has 81,869, followed by Italy, which in the WHO table still appeared with a total of 69,176. Then came the United States (51,914), Spain (39,673), Germany (31,554) and Iran (27,017).

On the 1st of this month, 2,400 cases were reported worldwide, practically at the same level as the first day of February (2,600). Last Monday (23), the confirmed total reached 40,500, rising to 41,200 yesterday.

In Spain, despite the growth in the number of deaths from coronavirus, the Ministry of Health reported that it also significantly increased the total number of patients cured, from almost 3,800 to 5,367. The government believes that the country is close to reaching the “peak” in relation to contagions.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defends restrictions to contain the pandemic. “We have already lost more than 16 thousand people (the statement was made before the update) and we’ll know we’ll lose more. How many? This depends on the actions and decisions we will take now ”, he added, talking about the quarantine again. “The last thing that countries need now is to reopen schools and businesses.”

According to him, 150 countries had not yet registered more than 100 cases. This gives them, he said, “the opportunity to protect the population from transmission and to avoid the social and economic costs already seen in some countries.”

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