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19 migrants killed and burned near the border with the USA – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The inhabitants of the village in Guatemala, where many of those found come from, struggle to understand why their friends and relatives were killed in such a brutal way.

– Their only crime was that they fled from hunger and poverty, says one of the relatives William Matias according to the BBC.

Burned to the unrecognizable

They were first shot and then burned, probably by members of one of the drug cartels. They are the ones who control the smuggling routes along the border with the USA in this area, writes BBC.

The burnt remains make it impossible to recognize anyone, says one of the relatives, William Matias. He is also from the small village of San Marcos.

San Marcos is located in one of the poorest areas in Central America.

One of those killed supported the family

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William Matias explains: – Many families in this village eat only one meal a day. It consists of boiled potatoes and the local dish tamales, which is made from cornmeal.

One of the dead is Marvin Tomas. He is described as a breadwinner and was a local football player in Guatemala before heading north to get a new life in the United States.

He was the only one in the family with income, since his father had died of alcoholism.

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– The income was not much to feed the family on, six dollars a day. On this salary he was to help his mother and two younger sisters plus an older sister who was a single mother as well, says his friend William Matias to the BBC.

Mexico helps the migrant march despite pressure from the United States

One of Biden’s major challenges

It is a well-known phenomenon that many people try to get north from Central America or South America to try their luck in the north.

In recent years, there have been many so-called migrant marches or caravans from poor countries such as Honduras and Guatemala, up through Mexico.

This is from a migrant march a few days ago on the border between Honduras and Guatemala.


The United States is the target, although Donald Trump threatened to build a strong wall against Mexico to prevent migrants from entering.

There are now new migrant marches on the way to the USA and it is a big challenge also for the new president of the USA, Joe Biden.

One week ago, the United States, Mexico and Guatemala banned migrant caravans from passing through their territories, a ban that is justified by the risk of spreading the infection.

Not surprisingly, many try

Yet people do not stop fleeing from south to north. There is a long way to go on the Pan-American Highway through a number of poor countries.

William Matias says that the human trafficker, or “coyote” as they call them, often demands as much as 12,000 dollars per person to facilitate the trip.

There are very many poor people in large parts of Latin America, and many are looking north to try to find a way out of disability.

People often have to sell everything they own and take out loans in addition to being able to afford to pay the amount required to be paid to the smugglers.

Migrant march through Central America

Here is a migrant march that has recently started towards the United States from Honduras. They hope the new president, Joe Biden, will be more liberal than Trump was as president.


Several massacres in Mexico

In the wake of this massacre, the UN has also put the spotlight on previous abuses in Mexico, writes the BBC.

72 migrants were killed in San Fernando, Tamaulipas in 2010. A similar incident occurred in 2012. Then 49 dead bodies were dumped on a road in Cadereyta in Nuevo Leon.

The person behind these horrific episodes is thought to be Miguel Angel Treviño, or Z-40, the imprisoned leader of the Zetas cartel.

His nephew, Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez known as “El Huevo”, is now wanted in connection with the attack. Chaves leads a group based on the original cartel.


Issues arrest warrants for military personnel after 43 students disappeared

Corona escape via trails, tunnels and jungles in Latin America


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