Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Breaking News 78 reported for infection control breaches after a party night in Oslo

78 reported for infection control breaches after a party night in Oslo

Only from 22.00 on Saturday to 02.52 on Sunday, the Oslo police district logged 37 incidents of party riots and unrest.

Three of the incidents resulted in 41 reports of violations of infection control rules. A further three incidents have resulted in 37 reviews through the night.

– We always focus on cracking down on partying and unrest that disturbs the night’s peace, but we can not always prioritize it. Tonight it has been relatively quiet and calm otherwise, so then we have moved out, says operations manager Gjermund Stokkli to Dagbladet.

These are the measures that apply

13 people gathered in rooms

The three events that resulted in reviews are as follows:

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The recurring messages deal with noise and several people gathered in too small areas in accordance with the infection control rules.

No confrontations

– Have there been confrontations or amp moods on these missions?

– No, they have done well. Those who have been present at the parties have followed the police orders and left the place. No one has been outspoken or tried to run away, says Stokkli.

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– They must all agree that they can now expect a fine.

After Dagbladet spoke to Stokkli early Sunday night, the police moved out to Konows gate after reports of party noise. When they arrived at the address, four people ran from the scene without shoes. They were quickly overtaken and taken back to the others.

All are reported for violations of the infection control rules.

In Oslo, it is forbidden to arrange or participate in private gatherings with more than 10 people present. The ban applies regardless of age and even if the same people meet in larger groups elsewhere, for example at school or kindergarten.

Party participants can now risk a fine of NOK 10,000, while organizers can be fined a higher amount.

Read the infection control rules that apply in Oslo municipality here.


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