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Abel explains hiring Breno Lopes at Palmeiras: “Potential and human side”

Coach Abel Ferreira bet on hiring Breno Lopes. The former Youth striker scored the Libertadores da América title goal against Santos last Saturday at Maracanã.

Abel gave the nod, but Breno’s arrival was well grounded. The 24-year-old arrived in November without fanfare.

“About Breno, work aligned with the club. We needed a versatile player. Breno plays on the right, left, forward, 10. They put names on the table and I as a coach need to understand the characteristics, but also to see the man. I prefer a less strong player with great character than an ace without character. We found that profile. He came hungry, with a fighting spirit. We saw potential and the human side. And I, with (Anderson) Barros and structure, we chose to hire it was never the coach’s decision. It’s Palmeiras’s decision, ”said the coach.

Breno Lopes has a four-year contract. He has two goals in 17 games for Verdão.

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