Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Technology After Vikings is over, Netflix has a perfect replacement for you

After Vikings is over, Netflix has a perfect replacement for you

Vikings is one of the most beloved series today. Unfortunately, however, it came to an end.

The series’ sixth season is the last and the final chapters arrived in 2021. Netflix is ​​already developing a derivative series, called Vikings: Valhalla.

However, despite plans for the derivative project, the truth is that Netflix already has a perfect series for fans who miss Vikings.

The series in question is Norsemen. It is a parody of the Vikings universe, which mocks various concepts in the series.

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The synopsis provided by Netflix reveals: “In 790 AD, Norheim Vikings have a hectic life that includes looting, fraud, enslavement and the use of violence to solve problems.”

Norsemen is an original production from Norway, which originally debuted in 2016. The first episode of the series has been seen almost 1 million times in the country, which is quite impressive considering that Norway is not very big.

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In other countries in the world, like Brazil, Norsemen had Netflix distribution, but never had much popularity.

For those who are a fan of Vikings but want to watch a series that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, Norsemen is a good choice. The fun is guaranteed with the absurd humor of the show!

Norsemen was created by producers and screenwriters Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen.

With three seasons, Norsemen is now available on Netflix. Vikings is also available through the streaming service.


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