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Against Amazon, march! US giant expansion sparks protest

Hundreds of militants have gathered today in several French cities to protest against the Amazon, including near the emblematic Pont-du-Gard (south-east) where the US mail order giant plans to install a 38,000-square-meter warehouse.

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Responding to the call of associations fighting against this project located in the Fournès region, a world cultural heritage, about 800 people according to the police, and 1,400 according to the organizers, today planted bushes in front of two large banners with the phrases “Stop Amazon”, and “Neither here nor elsewhere”. A human chain was also formed to demonstrate the breadth of the project, planned along the A9 motorway over 14 hectares.

” The inhabitants of Fournès and the surrounding area have been fighting for two years against the construction of a huge Amazon warehouse. At first they were isolated, but they managed to stop the project due to legal resources” that are underway, Raphaël Pradeau told AFP news agency , national spokesman for the Atac association.

About 200 people also participated this morning in a gathering in Carquefou, on the outskirts of Nantes (west), in front of an Amazon logistics warehouse, according to the organizers. “We denounce the fact that Amazon destroys more jobs than it creates, and that these are precarious jobs that cause diseases, especially in terms of musculoskeletal problems,” Sophie Jallier, spokesman for the collective that called for this protest, told AFP.

In Ensisheim, east of the country, a demonstration also brought together a hundred people against the construction of a giant warehouse on a plot of more than 15 hectares of old agricultural land.

In a statement, the management of Amazon France considered that the group “has become a target for certain organizations that wish to disclose the causes they represent”. He also recalls that “more than 11 thousand French entrepreneurs and merchants depend on Amazon to develop their activities and jobs”.


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