Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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American with R $ 30 million in the cat food bill in order not to blow the monthly budget

The famous expression penny-pincher fits her perfectly. Despite having a net worth of the equivalent of R $ 30 million, Aimee Elizabeth does not give up a ceiling of R $ 5,400 for your monthly budget. In order not to overflow the money, the American, 50 years old, even eat cat food. E offers the delicacy to guests!

Las Vegas resident (Nevada, USA), Aimee, known as the “most economical millionaire in the world”, saves almost everything at home. THE sponge the kitchen sink, for example, lives in a petition of misery, used to the extreme and accumulating bacteria.

Aimee’s kitchen sponge Photo: Press Release / TLC

Cat food consumed by Aimee
Cat food consumed by Aimee Photo: Disclosure / TLC

Even in winter, the American consultant only turns on the gas heater to take a quick shower. The rest of the day, she uses ice water. The measure makes save about R $ 435 monthly, told TLC program.

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American drives the same car, manufactured in 1996, 17 years ago and refuses to buy new appliances, even if they can make your life simpler and more comfortable.

Aimee in an interview with NBC
Aimee in an interview with NBC Photo: Reproduction

After divorcing, Aimee stayed with the house where she lived with her ex. And, amazingly, he agreed to clean the residence for free! The American, who obviously loved the fort, says the activity is a “free gym for ex”. And hundreds more dollars are saved every month.

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“When I go to those extremes, I think a lot of people are upset, but I don’t care”, declared Aimee.

Author of the book “Poverty is a woman …”, Aimee even had a YouTube channel in which she gave tips on home economies.


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