Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Coronavirus And Covid? Libertadores final is marked by agglomeration party

And Covid? Libertadores final is marked by agglomeration party

The glory is eternal, as the competition slogan says, and the party for the Libertadores title started big on the field and in the stands. But even before, the party in the lower west sector of Maracanã was just an agglomeration, since before the ball rolled. All this in times of record Covid-19 cases in Brazil.

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There were about 2500 guests in the space limited by geography. The northern, southern and eastern, lower and upper sectors were closed at all times. Throughout the moment the agglomeration is a reality. In the press area there was more space and fewer people.

Masks were a rarity, even though employees and the stadium’s loudspeaker service had reinforced the mandatory use of the accessory about eight times. And it would be difficult to maintain social distance. Because of the tension of a final and the nature of the fans wanting to get closer to the field. All.

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Even coach Cuca, from Santos, after being expelled, joined the fans of Alvinegro Praiano to follow the final minutes of the match. But from the sectors closest to the field, to the most distant ones, what was least seen was respect for the recommendations of health agencies.

And look, there were people of all ages. From young people to the octogenarian Pepe, who entered with a cup next to Evair. The ex-player of Peixe, even, was admitted to the hospital with the new coronavirus.

The party was beautiful. But the sanitary demands of the moment were completely disregarded.

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