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Anne-Elisabeth Hagen – – Expects closure

The level of conflict appeared to be sky high, when the interrogation of Tom Hagen (70) was interrupted at Kripos last summer. Just over 19 months had passed since the billionaire’s wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, had disappeared. He himself was charged with killing her or aiding and abetting the murder.

Now, almost eight months after the meeting that ended with a total ice front between Hagen and the police, the 70-year-old has long since moved back home – to the house which is still referred to by the police as the crime scene. However, the conflict is by no means dead.

Externally, the investigation seems to be closest to rest. A new interrogation is by no means close to taking place, according to Hagen’s defender.

– It is not relevant for Tom to go to the police for questioning now, but if new information emerges in the case, it may of course be relevant, says lawyer Svein Holden to Dagbladet.

The children: – Someone is sitting on the answers

– Very thin

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Hagen has all along denied criminal guilt, and denies having anything to do with his wife’s disappearance. He maintains that an abduction took place on October 31, 2018.

According to Dagbladet’s information, the police are still working slowly but surely towards securing what they believe should be good enough evidence for an indictment against the billionaire. New investigations have been made, and traces continue to be analyzed.

But Hagen’s defender will in no way be involved in the police’s line of thinking.

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– It is difficult for me to estimate when the charge against Tom will be dropped. I can only state that the basis for the police’s suspicion is very thin, and that I expect that the case will be dropped for him, Holden says.

KIDNAPPED?: The Hagen family maintains that Anne-Elisabeth has been kidnapped, while the police believe she was killed in the home in Sloraveien on 31 October 2018. Photo: NTB Scanpix / Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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Million-dollar stands firm

Ever since the start of one of Norway’s biggest crime mysteries, Tom Hagen himself has tried to come up with names of possible perpetrators. In June last year, Hagen’s defender also appeared on the TV program “Åsted Norge” and promised a bounty of NOK 10 million to anyone who provided information that led to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen being found.

The bounty is still fixed six months later, confirms the billionaire’s defender. The same goes for the question of where Anne-Elisabeth is.

– All tips we have received have been passed on to the police, but I can not say anything about the number or content, says lawyer Holden to Dagbladet.

POSSIBLE FINDINGS: These small, blue-green spots may indicate that the police have found new traces of blood in Tom Hagen’s home in Sloraveien 4. Photo: NTB Scanpix / Reporter: Marie Røssland
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A big job remains

Since the release of the billionaire on the day of liberation, May 8 last year, the police have kept the cards very close to their chests both about the ongoing work, any discoveries or progress and the plans for the future.

The detached house in Sloraveien 4 was combed in the months after the disappearance, but also until last autumn, before the police finally had to release the property by Langvannet. By then, the Court of Appeal had long ago refused the police to keep Hagen in custody – contrary to the district court’s decision.

As Dagbladet has previously mentioned, notebooks and private birthday cards have been secured during the investigation. Spor police believe paints a picture of a shaky marriage – a claim Hagen himself has rejected.

However, police inspector Agnes Beate Hemiø told Dagbladet in October that they believe it is possible to get someone convicted in the case without finding a body. This is despite the fact that very few cases end up in Norwegian courtrooms without the deceased being found.

- Not dependent on finding her

– Not dependent on finding her

Although Hagen’s defender expects the charge against the billionaire to be dropped, the police insist that it is not close to happening. Work is still in full swing to reach the finish line with more tracks.

– The case is still under investigation and in the opinion of the police there is still a large number of relevant investigative steps to be carried out. As before, we do not want to rate the suspicion against Tom Hagen in the media, beyond stating that we, like Nedre Romerike District Court, believe there is good reason to suspect murder, says police inspector Hemiø to Dagbladet.


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