Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Technology Apple celebrates Chinese New Year on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year on iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 12. It is the time when the Chinese community says goodbye to the Rat and prepares for the arrival of the Metal Ox. According to the annual tradition, Apple makes a special short film to commemorate this event.

This year, the film was shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, as always, Apple describes what additional hardware and software was used.

Chinese New Year by Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

On February 12th, the Chinese will celebrate the arrival of the new year. To mark this event, Apple produced a very interesting short film, as it has done in previous years.

The film itself is a moving tale about a girl and the mythical creature Nian who, according to Chinese mythology, is a beast that lives in the sea or in the mountains and leaves at the beginning of the Chinese New Year to feed on people and animals .

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This is the result that Apple published on its YouTube channel, a fantastic 12-minute film:

How Apple recorded this video

According to tradition, Apple also published a video on its channel explaining how it recorded the clip for the making of the short film.

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The company shows the process of capturing images, highlighting the powerful photographic and video skills of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company highlights its stabilized 1x and 2.5x cameras and its ultra-wide camera (ultra wide angle).

The work was filmed with Dolby Vision, which allowed for some sharp pictures in low light environments.

Apple has presented a series of plans that take advantage of the new features that are available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, more specifically, that take advantage of photo and video capabilities.

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