Monday, March 1, 2021
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Away from UPA due to illness, doctor attends plastic surgery clinic – Capital

Doctor is assigned to attendance at the UPA Leblon (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami / Arquivo)

At the same time that he is away for health reasons in the municipal network, Sesau’s doctor (Municipal Health Secretariat) has an open agenda for assistance in a private plastic surgery clinic.

Denunciation made to the report of the Campo Grande News, and also taken to the Sesau Ombudsman, points out that Jovino Nogueira da Silva Menezes has been on leave from UPA (Intensive Care Unit), in Jardim Leblon, since October last year. However, he continues to attend private clinics in the central region of the capital.

As published in the Official Gazette of Campo Grande, Jovino is away for health treatment. In the December 16, 2020 edition, it appears that he was away for 60 days, between October 20 and December 18, 2020. On January 13 this year, a new resolution authorized medical removal for the same period, between 19 December and February 16, 2021.

The removal was authorized even in a pandemic situation, when there is a need to reinforce public service, considering that the staff is already reduced.

Even with the health license in force, the professional is performing care in the area of ​​plastic surgery in a clinic and private hospital. In any of the units, where he attends, he was informed that he performs regular care. It is possible to schedule an appointment on close dates, such as February 4, therefore, still within the medical license authorized by Sesau.

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The practice, according to Law 4.829 / 92, which provides for sanctions applied to public agents, may constitute an act of administrative improbity.

The complaint was also made to the IMPCG (Municipal Social Security Institute of Campo Grande) and CRM-MS (Mato Grosso do Sul Regional Council of Medicine). Investigations, however, have not yet been launched.

The report attempted to contact Jovino by phone and e-mail, but did not get a return until the report was closed.

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Through the press office, Sesau informed that “the doctor has a 12-hour job as a duty worker in the municipality and there is no restriction in relation to working in other health establishments outside the regular office hours provided for in the admission process”. By means of a note, he also said that “he has a certificate and is not attending the municipal health network”, but that “it is not for Sesau to answer about the exercise of the function in other locations without the proper conditions and such situation it must be taken to the class council, whose duty it is to assess its conduct and whether it is able to provide assistance “.


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