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BBB 2021: Cleo Pires disapproves of Brother Fiuk’s stance, but refuses “cancellation”

Cleo Pires used his profile on Instagram this Saturday (30th) to comment on his brother’s attitudes Fiuk no BBB 2021. The actor has been the target of criticism on social networks due to his postures at home with some participants.

Through the Stories tool, the actress commented on the fact that the singer makes fun of Juliette, and question your ability as a lawyer.

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I don’t agree with the way he treated Juliette, I thought it was very wrong, but a lot of people decided to tease her, but obviously Felipe being a man, the image of him talking like that with her is more aggressive, more intimidating”, He evaluated.

She also guaranteed that she will not “close her eyes” to the boy’s attitudes: “I am not going to put a cloth on his wrong attitudes, but I am not going to cancel him because I do not believe it ”.

“I think we have to be here for the people we love when they make mistakes. But there was also a lot of fake news, a lot of fake prints. ”

The artist also used the space to speak to other participants: “I am in love with Gilberto, he is very cheerful, very cute, very sweet. Carlinha is also very polite, centered. Camilla de Lucas, everything. Vih taking care of Juliette, very cute, sensitive. I’m loving Projota too. I identify a lot with Pocah, in the sense of feeling let go, kind of, I love, I don’t know if it’s a Libran thing or if we are really alike”, analyzed.

Later, Cleo Pires returned to the subject on Twitter and defended his brother once again: “I will always support you. He’s my brother, I love him unconditionally. Support does not mean agreeing with everything and defending what is indefensible. Values ​​are values ​​and I have mine. This does not mean that I will turn my back on my brother who I love and who has always been by my side. Right for sure ”.


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