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BBB 2021: Gilberto gets angry at Lumena’s attitude and detonates her

Although tempers have calmed down in the BBB 2021, everything that has been said has not been erased or forgotten. Proof of this was the outburst made by Gilberto on this x-ray Saturday (30).

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“I felt extremely disrespected by someone you gave your arm to, you put yourself in place, you know. It is not just a story that is beautiful, it is not just a story that is worthy and differentiated. If the 20 entered here, the 20 have a chance and have a history ”, said the economist.

For those who don’t know, the brother was upset with Lumens when he saw her saying “I only see Lucas” winning the competition.

I believe that when we say something to a person in front of other people, we are shitting to [o que] the others will think. This is such a lack of empathy. It shook me a lot yesterday, I felt disrespected, scared and scared and freaked out“, Analyzed Gilberto.

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Before the outburst in the confessional, at dawn, the brother talked about the matter with Viih Tube, Carla diaz e Pocah. “To belittle everyone’s story as if only one story deserves it. It’s not like this“, Said the confined one before falling into tears.


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