Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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BBB 2021: Nego Di and Projota reveal that they changed the target of votes

Negotiable on is the leader of the week and has the power to direct someone to the first wall of the BBB 2021. Projota indicates another name, but with the consent of the other five immunized and still participates in the general vote. The two, who have a degree of intimacy, confessed that their targets are changing.

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The rapper, indirectly, hinted that he had thought of Kerline’s name to vote: “I said that Kerline was distant from me, but I never said that she didn’t like me or that I didn’t like her. I like her. Just yesterday was a day that broke that. The girl is cool“.

Nego Di also confessed that this idea also crossed his mind and explained why he is changing his mind: “It is even good that you are here for me to share with you. I thought a lot about telling Ker for everything that happened, but I’ll tell you: I’m afraid of committing an injustice and irresponsibility, because she is very fragile“.

It was my vote, too, but I’m about to change. It’s really hard to vote“Vented Projota. “I am afraid to refer the mine. And she has been through all of this… What if she does something worse?“, Said the leader, concerned with the emotional state of Ceará.

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The conversation took place before Big Fone played and the comedian admitted that he thought of walling Sarah: “I just know that … I was thinking of referring Sarah, because of the people who are furthest from me, there’s Ker and then Sarah. But Ker has this thing about her, and I think she deserves a little more time“.

In another moment, Nego Di revealed that he would not vote for Pocah, João Luiz and Karol Conká. He also considered voting for Thaís, Gilberto and Carla Diaz and defined this as his order of choice.

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