Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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BBB 21: Was the monster’s punishment a message from Boninho to Lumena? – 01/30/2021

It was not Lumena Hallelujah who won the monster’s punishment. Rodolffo put his friends Arthur and Arcrebiano to enjoy the misfortune. But the content of the joke, one guy dressed as a pirate and the other as a dancer, made many people imagine that the target had a first and last name.

The feeling refers to the noisy problematization that occurred during a merchan last Tuesday, second day of confinement. Lumena explained that it was wrong for make-up men to do a parade emulating gestures associated with femininity.

Armed with ballet slippers and traumatized by the precarious tangle, Arthur went to talk to his colleague. And he received some important tips on how to deal with the challenge without offending anyone.

The fear of cancellation was the keynote of that first week of “BBB 21”. Things tend to evolve quickly, as fascinating characters like Lucas, Fiuk and Lumena herself are accelerating the game in ways never seen before.

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Some netizens understood that the punishment content would be a message from the production for her. I understand a little differently: the primary objective of the program is to break the minds of the participants, looking for ways to make them destabilized.

With the big man dressed as a ballerina sitting on the living room sofa, the absurdity of human existence, the guiding thread of the format, is exposed with a certain lightness. And the dread of suffering reprisals on the Internet remains firm, forcing everyone to calculate each move.

We return at any time with new information.

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