Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Breaking News "Bolsonaro is responsible for the spread of the epidemic in Brazil"

“Bolsonaro is responsible for the spread of the epidemic in Brazil”


From Drauzio Varella’s column in Folha:

The explanation is that there is no way to explain. Science training requires humility to analyze opinions and ideas opposed to ours, the contradictory is an intrinsic part of scientific thought. Otherwise, we would still think that the Earth is flat and that the Sun was created to revolve around it. In January last year, when the new coronavirus plagued only the Chinese, I had the impression that the most serious cases would be restricted to the elderly. For most specialists, the disease would have a mortality similar to that of the flu.

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Today, I do penance for having made this rush assessment. Remember that she was influenced by a lecture by doutor Anthony Fauci, one of the leading authorities on infectious diseases in the United States, does not console me. It was in February, when the disease sowed terror in the ICUs in Italy, that the world understood the seriousness of the threat. Immediately, countries adopted strict measures to reduce traffic in cities and insisted on the need for protective masks.

In Brazil, the President of the Republic vehemently contraindicated these recommendations. The argument was that they would destroy the economy and starve more Brazilians than the disease would be able to do. (…) This systematic boycott justifies more than 220 thousand deaths? Is he the one to blame? Of course not, it is the fault of many, especially the stupid selfish people who flock without a mask in bars and parties. However, due to the nature of the position he holds, the absurdities he speaks and the indignity of the examples he gives, the President of the Republic has been largely responsible for the spread of the epidemic. It is no accident that we are the second country with the highest number of deaths.


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