Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Botafogo loses to Napoli at Nilton Santos and takes the runner-up of the Brazilian Female A2

THE Botafogo lost again to the Naples (SC) 2-1 this Sunday, at Nilton Santos Stadium, and stayed with the vice Brazilian Championship A2. The team from Santa Catarina, which had already won the first game and has a longer time project in women’s football, became the undefeated champion.

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As Glorioushowever, they have a lot to be proud of. They wore their shirt with great race, honored the shield, achieved excellent results throughout the campaign and took Botafogo to the first division of the Brazilian Championship. Let the A1 Series come from the end of March!

Needing to win to at least take the decision to penalties, Botafogo suffered a hard blow in the first move. After 40 seconds of play, Napoli went down fast on the right side and Aninha opened the scoring with a first shot: 1 to 0 for the visitors.

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With the disadvantage, Botafogo had no alternative but to go up to Napoli, but the strong heat of Rio de Janeiro ended up preventing a greater pace. However, the Glorious ones managed to tie at the very end of the first half: Gaby Louvain took a corner kick and Peppe hit a pretty kick on the over to make it 1 to 1.

Botafogo pressed the pressure in the second half. At 12 minutes, Gaby Louvain forced the goalkeeper Dida to make great defense. After, Vivian almost scored when trying for cover and the kick to cross the crossbar. However, Napoli managed to take the game in a double boiler and scored the goal that guaranteed victory (and the title) with Soraya, at 38.

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Next matches

Botafogo now turns its focus to the Carioca Women Championship. The Glorious debuts this Wednesday, at 3pm, against the America, at CEFAT, in Niterói. The A1 Brazilian Championship only starts on March 28.


Stadium: Nilton Santos
Date-Time: 31/01/2021 – 16h
Referee: Beatriz Oliveira Dantas (RJ)
Assistants: Rachel de Mattos Bento (RJ) and Thayse Marques Fonseca (RJ)
Income and public: closed gates
Yellow cards: Pepê and Vivian (BOT); Sara (NAP)
Red cards:
Goals: Aninha 1 ‘/ 1ºT (0-1), Pepê 49’ / 1ºT (1-1) and Soraya 38 ‘/ 2ºT (1-2)

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BOTAFOGO: Ruby; Bru, Amanda, Karen and Laura Marin (Adri 18 ‘/ 2nd Q); Driely, Pepê (Juliana 18 ‘/ 2ºT) and Vivian; Gaby Louvain (Bia 38 ‘/ 2º T), Kélen and Karol Lins – Technician: Gláucio Carvalho.

NAPLES: Dida; Miriam, Mari, Thays Chargas and Julia; Sara, Treyci and Luana (Larissa Sanches 35 ‘/ 2º T); Soraya (Tabatha 46 ‘/ 2ºT), Aninha and Malu (Karen 12’ / 2ºT) – Technician: Carine Bosetti.

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Source: Written by FogãoNET

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