Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Sport Carol Solberg questions CBV deputy for supporting Arthur Lira

Carol Solberg questions CBV deputy for supporting Arthur Lira


Warned last year for shouting “Out, Bolsonaro!” during the broadcast of the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit, the player Carol Solberg used Instagram to reinforce the request for freedom of expression in this (29).

In a note, he questioned the vice president of CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation), Radamés Lattari, for his support for candidate Arthur Lira in the presidential election of the Chamber.

Radamés took a photo picture next to Renan Dal Zotto, coach of the Brazilian men’s national team, holding his own shirt, with the number 11 and the name of the deputy on the back. In the publication, Carol Solberg accuses the leader of “hypocrisy”.

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Carol Solberg was denounced by the CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation) and the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) of Volleyball. In a trial that took place on October 13, 2020, the athlete was acquitted in article 258 and punished with a fine of R $ 1,000 in article 191, for “failing to comply, or making it difficult to comply with regulation, general or special, of competition ”. The payment, however, was reversed in warning.

Check the full note below:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.”

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Months ago my freedom of expression was threatened when they sued me for demonstrating after a game against the Bolsonaro government.

Yesterday I received an image of the vice president of CBV and CEO alongside the coach of the men’s volleyball team. They displayed a shirt from the Brazilian team with the name of Arthur Lira, Bolsonaro’s candidate for mayor.

Seeing the main active member of CBV express his support for a political candidate through the shirt of the Brazilian national volleyball team, on the eve of such a decisive election for the country, and also saying that this support does not represent CBV, does not make sense and at the very least, very controversial.

And just to reinforce, I defend to the end the right of everyone to speak out. What is not enough to hear is that politics and sport do not mix and this maxim only prevails over the rights of athletes.

It looks like hypocrisy. And is.


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