Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Cartoonist Laerte discharged after hospitalization for COVID-19

(photo: Lana Filmes / Divulgao)

Interned with coronavirus since January 21, passing through the ICU, the cartoonist Laerte Coutinho was discharged at 10 am this Sunday (01/31). According to the Instituto do Corao, Hospital das Clnicas, USP Medical School (InCor), she registered a progressive improvement of your clinical condition and continue treatment for COVID-19 at home.

Laerte’s 69-year-old hospital was posted by her son, the comic artist Rafael Coutinho, in a post on social media on January 26. He said that his condition was not yet serious, but that it required care. After that, the cartoonist was taken to the ICU, where she was under care for two days, until Thursday (28/01).

With visits to the State, Folha de S.Paulo and iconic newspapers from resistnce during the dictatorship like Pasquim, Laerte was one of the main cartoonists of the old guard of Brazil, alongside Ziraldo, Angeli, Glauco and other names.

Known for the creation of several characters, such as the Pirates of Tiet, the questionable moral superhero Overman and the crossdresser Hugo / Muriel, who alternates her gender representations and plays with prejudices against transsexuals.

Since 2009, Laerte has taken on his LGBT + identity and his cartoons have frequently represented situations experienced by crossdressers or people transgender


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