Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home World Clashes with the Police cause several deaths in Cafunfo-Cuango

Clashes with the Police cause several deaths in Cafunfo-Cuango

The Lunda-Norte Provincial Command of the National Police (PN) affirms, in a statement, “the occurrence of an act of armed rebellion carried out by a group of approximately 300 elements, assigned to the Lunda Tchokwe Protectorate movement, which started around 4:00 am, dawn of this Saturday, January 30th of the current year, in the mining town of Cafunfo-Cuango ”José Mateus Zecamutchima, leader of this movement, everything was just a“ manhunt ”in order to prevent a demonstration planned for today, Saturday.

The police say that the demonstrators were “bearers of AKM-type firearms, shotguns, irons, sticks and other small arms, as well as small artisanal explosive devices, having gone to the premises of Cafunfo police station, for their occupation. effective with the prospect of affixing a flag ”.

The PN adds that the protesters “Likewise intended with such weapons to cause casualties to the staff of the Defense and Security Forces, causing injuries to two officers, one from the National Police and the other from the FAA, as well as the vandalization of a vehicle parked on the perimeter. ”.

“In response to such an evident rebellion and in an attempt to disperse them in legitimate defense of the assets and values ​​of the democratic and legal state, the death of four citizens and five wounded people, who are already under medical care at the local health unit, where two ended up succumbing ”, says the Police.

José Mateus Zecamutchima, explains that this “peaceful demonstration was announced to the authorities in November last year and aims to“ force dialogue with the government ”about the intention of the movement that defends the autonomy of the Lundas.

“We distributed the letters to the provincial governments, up to the Presidential Palace of Cidade Alta, for the peaceful demonstration,” said the official, who describes that, “even before the protest was held, on the 16th of November, the provincial government from Lunda-Sul, would have guided intervention by the defense and security organs, detained at least 13 people, including a soba and a woman, who are still in prison ”.

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“In Lundas, the streets are full of troops who are raiding and hitting people, in addition to the fact that the MPLA committee in Lunda-Sul itself gathered to create what would be the evidence of the crime, in which a group he would go out with sticks, machetes and other blunt objects on the day of the demonstration with a view to incriminating the members of the protectorate, ”said Zecamutchima.

Meanwhile, the National Police in Lunda-Norte “calls on citizens in general not to engage in acts of armed rebellion or others that represent violence and that jeopardize social and public stability, as the defense and security forces as legitimate defenders of public peace and social peace, and the well-being of all, will do everything to enforce the constitution and the Law so that Angola remains a safe territory for all ”.


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