Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Cleo reveals that she has been sexless for a year: “It was good”

38-year-old Cleo revealed yesterday (30) that she has had sex for a year.

“I stayed [um ano sem sexo], but so … It was happening. I didn’t choose a date, I had already stayed five months, six months and then it happened. I always say that sexual energy is the most important thing you have, which is why you have to know what you are doing with it “, said Cleo, participating in” Altas Horas “, (TV Globo).

Asked what she thought of the experience, the actress was succinct: “I don’t complain, it was good”. The matter came up after Serginho Groisman questioned Father Fábio de Melo, also invited, about celibacy and how it can help in some life issues.

In response, the religious said that before dogma was an option and that sexual energy, once neutralized, can be applied to bigger things. “I have friends, like Bruna Marquezine, who had a year without sex by choice. Sex is something that demands energy and I can focus on helping those who are close”.

Fiuk at “BBB 21”

During the program, the actress also spoke about the fact that her brother, Fiuk, was in the most watched house in Brazil. Cleo said he helped the singer tell the news to his father, Fábio Jr, and said that the reaction was not the best.

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“It was intense, I would say. He was nervous, because it is a lot of exposure. He is overprotective, but I said: ‘we are not here to give our opinion, we are here to support what he wants to do’. he coped better, “she recalled.


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