Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Technology Company announces charger capable of charging remotely

Company announces charger capable of charging remotely

Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a new wireless technology that can charge a smartphone, watches, smart bracelets and other compatible devices simultaneously from meters away. The accessory has not yet been released for the consumer.

According to the manufacturer, the Mi Air Charge provides power with a power of 5 W for all devices that are “within a radius of several meters”. The power is equivalent to older iPhone chargers, so don’t expect a very fast recharge for your phone with this technology.

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To work with the cordless charger, the devices will need to be upgraded with a special antenna that transforms electromagnetic waves into electricity. “Xiaomi’s remote charging technology is about spatial position and power transmission. Our product has five-phase antennas, which can accurately detect the location of the smartphone, ”says the company on its official blog.

The company also notes that loading efficiency will not be reduced if there are “obstacles” in the way, although it has not specified which ones they would specifically be. This is because the accessory has a charging cell with five antennas responsible for accurately detecting the location of compatible devices.

As the Mi Air Charge is still a very embryonic technology, Xiaomi has not yet delivered a launch date for the final consumer.

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