Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Sport Conceio discusses reinforcements with Cruzeiro's board of directors; see possible names

Conceio discusses reinforcements with Cruzeiro’s board of directors; see possible names

Cruzeiro announced Felipe Conceio after the end of Srie B, but the planning for 2021 started to be defined days before. In the middle of the week, President Srgio Santos Rodrigues met with the technician in So Paulo, presented the project to him and signed a contract until December.

Conceio will arrive in Belo Horizonte on Wednesday, when he should go deeper into the nominations of players in meetings with football director Andr Mazzuco. Some names have already been made public by the press, as can be seen in the photo gallery below.

On Instagram, Felipe spoke about the deal with Fox. “Feeling of joy and accomplishment! Thank you, Cruzeiro, for trusting my work. We will continue to pursue our goals together! ”.


Source link,3893112/conceicao-discute-reforcos-com-diretoria-do-cruzeiro-veja-possiveis-nomes.shtml

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