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Corinthians must renew for sub-23 with striker who failed to play due to injuries | corinthians

A player who practically did not play for Corinthians in the under-20 category and has a loan contract ending this Sunday, January 31, negotiations underway to compose the under-23 team of coach Danilo this season.

With 21 years just completed, striker John Kleber was a bet by the base board in September 2019 that has already arrived at Parque São Jorge recovering from a serious ligament injury in his right knee, still suffered at Ponte Preta.

The club’s idea was to recover the physical part of the 1.93m forward and also his good football.

In 2017, still at Macaca, the athlete was champion as the top scorer for the Paulista under-17, with 28 goals scored in 25 games. He even had a R $ 16 million fine in Campinas.

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John Kleber with Xavier in training for the Corinthians sub-20 in 2020 – Photo: Rodrigo Gazzanel / Ag. Corinthians

In the negotiation, Corinthians assumed the salaries and took 60% of the attacker’s rights. Macaca, owner of the federal rights until December 31, 2021, kept the other 40%.

The journey at Corinthians, however, was not good. Jonh Kleber was in treatment for a long time, suffered complications from the injury and only managed to participate in one match. In the resumption of football at the end of 2020, when he could get chances, he suffered a muscle injury that took him out of combat.

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Unable to evaluate him in this period of less than a year and a half, the board of Corinthians talks to Ponte Preta so that he can continue with Timão this season, now in the team of aspirants. The situation should also prolong his bond with the Bridge.

In Corinthians’ view, John has already demonstrated excellent mastery of the center forward position, with many goals scored, mainly from the head. With Jô with almost 34 years in the professional, the club believes that Jonh can go a good way if he is well clinically.

John Kleber’s injuries on the bridge

The striker was promoted to Ponte Preta professional in 2017, but broke the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee with just 11 minutes on the pitch in his debut, in November of that year, against Bahia, in Salvador.

In July 2018, the striker had been released to train with the ball, but suffered a new knee sprain on the second day of work, and returned to the operating table in January 2019 to correct a graft failure and joint instability.


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