Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Corinthians suffers goal early, fails to react and is defeated by Fluminense in the Brazilian Under-18

Corinthians entered the field this Saturday afternoon for the third round of the Brazilian Women’s Under-18 Championship. With a goal conceded early in the game, the Corinthians ended up defeated by 1 to 0.

With the result, Corinthians accumulates two defeats and one victory in the competition, with three guaranteed points. Timãozinho falls to fourth place, by goal difference, being overtaken by Grêmio.

How was the game

Corinthians went to the field climbed by Daniela Alves with Isa Cruz, Áhlice Guedes, Bell, Laisa, Dayse, Cardoso, Julia Brito, Vick, Ellen, Sabrina Leal and Sorriso.

The alvinegra team started the game with a silly attitude and with less than a minute saw Fluminense open the scoring. The opponents left in the middle of the field and went on the attack with Lara. The Corinthians defense failed, he thought the referee had missed the move and stopped the play, but Lara followed and hit low on Isa’s exit to score the goal.

With the disadvantage on the scoreboard, the Corinthians retreated on the field and Fluminense pressed. Despite the adversary arrivals, Áhlice, Bell, Laisa and Dayse had a safe first half and were superior to the tricolor attack. In defense, the Corinthians exchanged passes and search for space to advance from the midfield.

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After about 25 minutes, the judge stopped the game for hydration and that moment was essential for Corinthians fans. After instructions from coach Daniela, Timão finally found himself on the field and started proposing the game.

The alvinegras arrived with danger on two occasions, both with Ellen. In the first, the good free kick of shirt 7 deflected the barrier, hit the crossbar and ended up cleared by the defense. In the second, the Corinthians got a good header after a rebound inside the area, but the goalkeeper recovered and got the ball. Despite the growth in the field, Timão went to the locker room losing 1-0.

The alvinegra team returned to the second half with a change, putting Maria Coelho in place of Sorriso. Timão also entered the field with a very different posture than the one that started the game, reaching the attack with good opportunities. At the beginning of the match, Vick took a good free kick in the area and Ellen submitted for the goalkeeper’s defense.

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Corinthians had its clear offensive improvement and did not drop production defensively, but Fluminense kept coming with danger. Áhlice and Dayse were Timão’s great defensive highlights in the second stage, winning most of the individual duels.

Daniela changed Corinthians once again and put Nenê in place of Sabrina Leal. The replacement, however, was not very effective. The game was even more disputed around 20 minutes, the athletes began to disagree and the judge expelled one athlete from each team. Who went to the locker room earlier for Timão was precisely Nenê.

Faced with this scenario, the Corinthians coach changed again and put Tosti in Vick’s place. With the example of expulsion, the athletes returned to remain calm. Fluminense continued to arrive with danger and Isa Cruz made a great defense in Luany’s submission. Shortly after, Timão almost reached the tie. Tosti fouled at the edge of the area and Bell charged with quality over the barrier, but Ravena made a great save. In the final minutes, Isa Cruz was still required on three other occasions, but made great saves, keeping the score at 1-0.

Corinthians will then return to the field next Monday, at 10:30 am, when they face Fluminense again for the second round of the Brazilian. It is worth remembering that the CBF changed the playing time and defined that each stage lasts 40 minutes due to the short period between matches.

Check out the sequence of Corinthians games in the first phase of the Brazilian Under-18 Women

  • Fluminense x Corinthians – February 1, at 10:30 am, at the Sorocaba CT 1
  • Grêmio x Corinthians – February 3, at 8 am, at the Sorocaba 2 CT
  • Corinthians x São Paulo – February 5, at 3:30 pm, at the Sorocaba 2 CT

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