Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Covid-19: Number of new cases fell 14% in the last three days – Coronavirus

The first signs appear that this new wave of covid-19 may, at last, be decreasing. This Sunday, and for the third consecutive day, there was a decrease in the number of new cases, both in homologous and chain terms.

DGS daily bulletin this Sunday reported 9,498 new cases, representing a 32% drop compared to 13,987 released last Sunday. The homologous comparison is essential given that the data released on Sundays and Mondays, reporting at the weekend, are usually lower than those recorded on other days.

If we do the same exercise for the last three days, it appears that there was a year-on-year drop of 14.4%. This is the first time that there have been three consecutive days of homologous decline, but also in a chain (compared to the previous day) in the number of new cases. Whether or not it is the beginning of the reversal of the worsening trend registered since the beginning of the year is still too early to say. The next week will be decisive to answer this question.

The consecutive reduction in the number of new cases also allowed for a first inversion of trend in the important indicator of the average of cases of the last 14 per 100 thousand inhabitants. This indicator, which is used to determine the degree of risk for municipalities, has fallen for the first since January 1, from 1,666.7 to 1,658.1.

Number of deaths equals maximum of 303

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Despite this improvement in the rate of contagion, the number of deaths returned to equal to the historical maximum recorded on the 28: 303. There are 10 more than the previous day.

Also at the level of inpatients, the situation continues to worsen. There are now 150 more hospitalized than the previous day, bringing the total number to 6,694. Of these, 858 are in intensive care, which represents an increase of 15.

The contradiction between the improvement registered in the contagion rhythm and the number of deaths and hospitalized people is natural. There is always a considerable time gap between the variations recorded in the new cases and then in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, which is what results from the evolution of the disease.

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As Business has already written, restrictive and containment measures take a long time to take effect. In the two previous experiments, in March and November, the number of deaths only started to drop after a month to a month and a half. It is recalled that the current confinement started on January 15th with the closure of restaurants and a large part of the commerce, having later been aggravated on January 22nd, due to the worsening of the pandemic situation, with the closure of all educational establishments, among other measures. Since January 15th, exactly two weeks have passed.


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