Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Health & Fitness Covid-19 vaccine nurse fired in Cascavel

Covid-19 vaccine nurse fired in Cascavel

| Photo: Cascavel City Hall

The city of Cascavel exonerated the nurse who stood in line at the Covid-19 vaccination. The dismissal was published in the Official Gazette on Saturday (30). ” The decision was made because it is a serious fact and that requires an extreme measure”, emphasizes the city of Cascavel in a note. The Public Ministry of Paraná (MP-PR) and the State Audit Court (TCE) also investigate the case.

In addition to the dismissal of the nurse, the city also removed the health professional who applied the vaccine from work. An investigation finds out whether she also acted in bad faith or was misled by applying the out-of-order immunizer in the emergency campaign.

Tuesday (26), the nurse, based in the Municipal Sports Department, went to the Cascavel Exhibition Center, where the vaccination takes place in the city, to try to take the first dose of the vaccine. When told that she could not be vaccinated because she did not fit into the target audience of the emergency campaign, the woman then said that she would enter one of the booths just to greet one person. That was when the dose was applied.

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According to the definition of the Ministry of Health, the emergency campaign is aimed only at health professionals who work directly in the care of patients with coronavirus, elderly people living in nursing homes and their caregivers, in addition to the indigenous people.

How to report

In Paraná, denunciations of queues can be made to the State Comptroller General (CGE) by calling 0800 041 1113 and (41) 3883-4014 – the second number also answers by WhatsApp. Through the internet, the complaint can be made to the CGE website, on the Ombudsman tab. If you prefer to use e-mail, the whistleblower must send the material to [email protected]


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