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‘Covid’s Cabin’ haunts Chamber

The decision of the Board of Directors of the Chamber to demand the presence of 513 deputies in Brasilia to choose the next president of the House, on Monday, has caused distress in left-wing parliamentarians. And not just because of the possibility of agglomerations. The spaces where each one will have to register the vote have already earned a nickname from the opposition to the Jair Bolsonaro government: “cabine da covid”.

21 of these booths will be used, spread over two halls in the main building of the Chamber. To guarantee the secrecy of the vote, the space, 1 meter deep and 90 centimeters wide, is closed by three wooden walls and a curtain.

“That is absurd sanitary. You cannot, at that moment, put a row of deputies in an enclosed space. You enter a closed booth, you can sneeze and cough, and then another one enters,” said Congresswoman Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ), who is a doctor. “There is no ventilation, the air will not circulate there”, said the party leader, Perpétua Almeida (AC), when she saw the installation of the booths in the Green Room.

In previous years, when there was no pandemic, the election of the Chamber was concentrated within the plenary of the House, with booths scattered on the sides of the space. This time, there will be 18 of them in the Green Room, and another three in the Noble Room: these reserved for parliamentarians belonging to risk groups, such as the elderly and those with comorbidities.


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The President of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), estimates that about 3 thousand people, including employees and parliamentarians, must pass through the Chamber on voting day. He advocated a mixed, face-to-face and virtual vote, to preserve at least the parliamentarians from the risk group, but he was defeated in the vote in which the Board of Directors decided on the topic. The score was 4 to 3.

“Therefore, we are organizing in the best possible way so that we can guarantee the maximum distance between the parliamentarians and civil servants and the press on February 1st,” said Maia.

Tomorrow, the Chamber will do a special cleaning of the spaces to be used during the electoral process. “Mechanical cleaning with hypochlorite and 70% alcohol will be carried out throughout the day, whenever necessary,” said the Casa’s adviser.

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The on-call cleaning team will clean the polling booth periodically or at the request of the parliamentarian. The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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