Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Sport Cristiano Ronaldo serves Juventus in a different profession | Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo serves Juventus in a different profession | Soccer

It didn’t take a big Cristiano Ronaldo to finish or a tremendous collective display for Juventus to be happy this Saturday. The Turin team visited Sampdoria and won 0-1 in a game of round 20 of the Italian League. With this result, Juventus restored the difference to the league leader AC Milan by seven points, despite Ronaldo’s team having played less than their Milan rival.

Speaking of Ronaldo, the Portuguese was one of the highlights of the match, not necessarily for finalizing the precept. He did not play a particularly successful game in what is his usual “portfolio”, but in another job, it was essential.

The Portuguese was particularly unhappy near the break, when he had three distinct finishing moments, all wasted. He started by shooting at 39 ‘, in a good position, to defend the opposing goalkeeper. A minute later, he cut himself off and passed Audero, but the goalkeeper forced Ronaldo to keep his shot low and the shot came out very crooked. At 42 ‘, Ronaldo went back to isolating himself, but he couldn’t even shoot – it took a long time to fit in and he was disarmed by a defender.

But Juventus did not even need greater effectiveness from the Portuguese. At 20 ‘, Ronaldo and Morata created a good play and the Spaniard allowed Chiesa to finish without difficulty. At 90 + 2 ‘, Ronaldo was again the inventor of a move, this time to end with assistance from Cuadrado to Ramsey. Ronaldo didn’t score and didn’t watch, but he had his finger on both Juventus goals.

With just six shots on target (two from Sampdoria and four from Juventus), the game was not the most exciting to follow, but it still had a goal annulled by Morata and a good opportunity missed by Quagliarella.

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Comfortable in a dangerous 0-1, Juventus calmly controlled much of the second half with the ball, until Ramsey scored in the discounts and “killed” the game. Risky stance, but the triumph made up for the risk.


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