Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Sport Cruzeiro studies projects to launch a new brand; see details

Cruzeiro studies projects to launch a new brand; see details


With the possibility of a stylized fox paw as an icon, the intention of the novelty is to dress up sports schools and other modalities; know more

THE Super.FC he obtained exclusive branding that Cruzeio works for this year 2021. This would be just one of the proposals. Among them is one called ‘Artiglio’, which means claw in Italian. This private label material, according to information found in the report, would be used in sports schools and other modalities offered by Cruzeiro. The plan would not interfere with the current contract that football has with Adidas. The Sada Cruzeiro also has a supply from Adidas.

The logo of this brand would be the paw of a fox, which, right in the center, stylized, would form a star. In the presentation of the project, there are details about the inspiration, consisting of three pillars: the stars of the club’s shield, the fox and the Cruzeiro. Branding explains the icon.

“[…] of the Fox’s paw with its claws leaving scratches. Alluding to the brand so strong that Cruzeiro makes in the world, where using the Gestalt closing principle, forming a star inside it bringing the essence of Cruzeiro into the brand’s so intense concept “, says the presentation of the project.

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Cruzeiro was sought by the report to give more details about the novelty that has been projected, but it had not been officially pronounced until the publication of this article. Recently, President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues was in São Paulo, participating in meetings. In addition to the search for Felipe Conceição, the new starred coach, the president was alongside Ronaldo Phenomenon. In an Instagram post, the manager posted that good things were on the way.

The report sought contact with Sérgio Santos Rodrigues by multiple telephone numbers on six occasions, in addition to a message on WhatsApp, between Saturday and Sunday, but received no response from the manager regarding the possibility of launching the new brand. The president was in this Saturday (30), in Maracanã, for the final of the Copa Libertadores.

Last year, the possibility of a private label was already being discussed at Cruzeiro. The manufacture of the uniforms themselves was on the initial agenda of the management council due to some disagreements about the supply of material. The plan, however, did not go ahead.

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Check the response of Cruzeiro, sent to the report, this Sunday (31), after the publication of the article:

“Cruzeiro is aware of the opportunities in the sports scene and has carried out studies on the creation of its own brand for possible new modalities in the future and for the licensing of products, which can generate new revenues for the Club. These studies do not conflict with the partnership that Cruzeiro owns Adidas.

Regarding the messages sent and calls made directly to the president, Cruzeiro points out that it maintains an open relationship with the press, based on the centralization of information via the Communication Department, and reinforces that the flow, already known to journalists, is respected. “

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