Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Death of patient by covid becomes police case – Capital

Campo Grande Regional Hospital where the victim died. (Photo: Disclosure)

The death of a patient with covid-19 at the Campo Grande Regional Hospital became a police case this Saturday (30). The family claims that they only learned that the victim had the disease after she died and therefore registered a police report against the institution.

The 62-year-old patient was admitted to the health unit about 30 days ago due to a thrombosis. However, the problem developed into pneumonia and cardiac arrhythmia. To the police, the elderly man’s wife said that during these 30 days, she was authorized to visit the patient a few times and followed the evolution of her husband’s clinical condition through the daily medical report.

Yesterday (29), she went to the hospital’s social assistance department and then talked to the doctor who was taking care of the patient. The professional reported that she had ruled out the thrombosis, but that the elderly needed to remain hospitalized due to the arrhythmia and a bacterium in the blood, however, she would not have mentioned that the patient had covid-19.

The professional even released the wife’s visit to the patient for 30 minutes, which she did wearing special clothes. According to the woman, her husband was in a normal ward, along with other patients. However, on Saturday, officials at the Regional Hospital called the couple’s daughter, stating that the elderly man had died.

The family points out that it only discovered the cause of death by covid-19 at the time the funeral home fetched the body from the hospital, as stated in the police report. According to the woman, from the beginning of the service until the death of her husband, no doctor or employee mentioned that the patient was covid-19, which caused strangeness among family members.

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The family demands that an investigation be carried out on the body and has undertaken to present the death certificate and medical reports to the police, referring to the period the patient was hospitalized to support the complaint.

Or Hospital – The Regional Hospital informed, via press office, that all the pertinent measures to the complaint will be taken and that it will respond to the judicial authority. “If the family has filed a complaint with the Ombudsman, we will also respond,” he informed.


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