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Delay for transfer has already caused at least 14 deaths by Covid in the interior of AM in January, points survey | Amazon

The delay in transferring patients from the interior of Amazonas to the capital has already caused at least 14 deaths by Covid this January. The survey is by the Public Defender’s Office of the Middle Solimões region, which covers seven municipalities.

The crisis due to lack of oxygen in health units also reached the interior. At least 30 people with Covid-19 and respiratory syndromes died in the countryside between January 15 and 19, due to lack of oxygen or removal, according to public defenders.

Amazonas has already transferred more than 300 patients with Covid for treatment in other states, because the local health system collapsed after a new outbreak of the disease. As of Saturday (30), more than 8,000 people have died in the state with Covid.

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Inland, the municipalities do not have ICU beds. According to the defender of the Middle Solimões nucleus, Márcia Milene, the 14 patients who died were in the state’s regulatory system, that is, in line to be transferred.

Funerary urns in front of the Regional Hospital of Coari, after the death of 7 patients due to lack of oxygen. – Photo: Severo Júnior / Personal Archive

“Our reality is to act in court, so the Defender’s Office has constantly tried to act with legal requests, also because the reality inside the hospital, it changes very fast. It is always moving, it is becoming more serious with great speed,” he said. .

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Suzana Moraes, daughter of patient Francisco Pontes, 76, says that her father was diagnosed with Covid and is intubated at the Regional Hospital of Tefé. He has been waiting for an ICU bed in Manaus for four days.

“Every day they say they are going to remove it and they won’t remove it. Today she called, gave us a good expectation, we came, we brought suitcases, when she gets here she says there is no oxygen on the aircraft and tells us to come back tomorrow to see if will remove him “, he denounced.

Until this Saturday, over 600 people were waiting in line by a bed in the hospital network in Amazonas. The growth was 56% in two weeks. Over 2,100 people were hospitalized.

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Interior of Amazonas already adds more cases of Covid than the capital Manaus

Researcher Felipe Naveca, from Fiocruz Amazônia, reported that the new variant of the coronavirus found in the country is the dominant one in Amazonas. The faster rate of contamination is worrying.

“We identified P.1 [como a variante é chamada] in 51% of genomes sequenced in December and 91% of those sequenced in January. This is not only in Manaus, but also in other municipalities in Amazonas, “he said.

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Naveca says the researchers believe that new variant is responsible for the increase in cases in the state, but it is not the only one, since there was a big drop in social distance, especially at the end of the year.

Coronavirus: SP registers first three cases of Manaus variant

Coronavirus: SP registers first three cases of Manaus variant

Chaos from lack of oxygen

On the 14th and 15th of this month, Manaus experienced sad scenes of chaos in Health due to lack of oxygen in hospitals. The government reported that the average of 30 m³ rose to 70³ in a few days, and exceeded the contracted company’s supply capacity.

The government said that, between the end of October and the beginning of November, it increased the number of exclusive beds for patients with Covid by 155%. However, the number of new cases was so high that not even this expansion was able to serve the patients.

January this year already has the highest number of new admissions to Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. Until then, April and May registered records of the disease, when the state experienced the first wave.

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